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    ACCOMODATION - "Feel Secure"
It is an important aspect of the overall experience of treatment in India. The stay in India should be good and the patient and their relatives should have a comfortable stay and overall nice experience.

Different cities in India offer variety of options for the accommodation. The Guest Houses are the most preferred form of stay and the small budget hotels serve as the next preferred form of accommodation.

The nearness to the hospital becomes an important aspect in choosing the right place. Usually these guesthouses are cheaper options as against budget hotels, which may come at around twice the cost of these guesthouses.

We ensure that the accommodation suggested to the patient and relatives is neat and clean and offer a safe environment.

These places are carefully chosen by our team so as to meet the expectations of the patients and their accompanists.

Taxis are generally easily available within the city and if at few places these are not easy to find, then taxis are pre booked for the patients so that they have smooth logistics.
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